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Made in the Mediterranean
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Artisan Turkish towel with fringes, cotton & linen

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Peshtemal, a multipurpose hand-loomed towel, is the most important piece of the Turkish bath (hammam) ritual. 

What is the difference between a fouta and a peshtemal? Peshtemal is from Turkey whereas fouta is mostly from Tunisia. They serve the same purpose but peshtemal is made of Turkish cotton which is a premium type of cotton with long fibers that opens up with use and becomes more absorbent over time. 

These peshtemal towels contain linen. What is the advantage of linen in a peshtemal towel? Linen is a durable and strong fabric and it becomes even stronger when it is wet. It will, therefore, last longer than pure cotton towels. Linen also absorbs liquid faster and dries quicker. It is antimicrobial and will not retain odors. 

Hammam bathers use Turkish peshtemal towels to wrap around their body before, after and even during the Turkish bath! Peshtemal's high absorbency and lightweight provide a better alternative to terry towels since it dries faster and is easier to wrap around. 

  • Made of 60% cotton and 40% linen for the bath, the spa, the gym and the beach 
  • Lightweight and ideal for travel
  • Knotted fringes
  • Highly absorbent 
  • Machine washable
  • 95 x 170 cm (37.5" x 67")

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